Friday, July 13, 2018

New Registration Platform for Professional Development

We have dramatically updated our platform for registering for professional development. We believe this new system will make it easier to find and register for PD. The new process works a lot like online shopping, a process many are already familiar. Please follow the link below:

How to Register for PD - A step-by-step guide

The graphic below shows a quick view of the landing page. You'll notice there are several ways to search or browse for different PD courses to find the ones you want. Once you have identified the course or course you want to register for, click the Add to Cart button.

If you choose to view more information you will be taken to a page that looks like this:

Don't forget to Checkout!

Once you click Checkout you will automatically be taken to the login page. Your PD Registration is linked to your district login, so make sure you use your full district email and password if prompted. If you are already logged in to your district Google account, your login will automatically be created.

The first time you login you will be asked to update your profile. Click the Pencil to edit your information. You will need to select you Affiliation: Certificated or Classified.

Once you have added your information, please REMEMBER TO SAVE by selecting the blue save icon. You will be able to come back to this page in the future to edit your information or to quickly see what courses you have registered for or completed.

From here (first time only) you will need to click your cart and then select the Green Checkout button.

You will then be taken to a page to review all of the courses you have selected. You can add more or select the green Proceed to Next Step button at the bottom to complete your registration. Normally, you will go immediately to this page to complete your registration.

When you have completed the registration, you will see an Order Receipt like the one shown below. You will also be sent a confirmation email to the email address attached to your login. If you select the green Back to User Home button, you will be taken to your My Account page.

Your My Account page now shows a copy of the email confirmation that was sent, as well as a log of which courses you are registered.  If you need to cancel your enrollment, you can select the option from the drop down box indicated next to your course.

We hope this process is easy and helpful! Please let us know if you have any questions with the registration process!

Melissa Farrar -
Rayna Holsworth -



  2. Looks pretty "straight forward" Melissa (although PD Place was fine too ;-).
    However, I'm having trouble seeing where I link my registrations to my Google I just missing it or is this not an option? I just registered for several PD's and hope I don't have to enter each one individually on my calendar. Thanks!

    1. Currently it's not an option even though their calendar looks like it would be possible. I am working with them to see if we can make it a thing. The system does send a confirmation email. You can select the date and time in that email and add it to the calendar. Not a perfect solution, but it will keep you from having to type them in individually.

    2. Bob, I spoke with our rep and it looks like there is now a clear calendar invite that is included in the confirmation and reminder emails that get sent!! Thanks for your suggestion!

  3. The updates look great. Who doesn't like online shopping? Thanks for all you do Melissa!

  4. How do I delete a PD? Can't make it Saturday

  5. I registered for two classes for the end of August. How do I cancel those classes so someone else can take them?

  6. Where do we send the screenshots of our completion certificate? I just finished the first two hour Better Lesson

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  8. How do you print a Certification of Completion?

  9. I can't remember my password to print out my certificates. How can I reset it?