Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Super Saturday Teacher Academy - Equity and Cultural Competency

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Don’t work harder than your students!

Over four Saturdays, teachers will be provided clear and concrete strategies to improve their practice of working with all students. Through culturally conscious teacher principles, the participants will increase their efficacy in three essential components for student motivation: Mind-Set, Planning and Instructional Delivery. The participants will engage in experiential learning through multi-media, small group and large group discussion.

The sessions will offer instructional strategies to increase student engagement in deep learning. Through Powerful Pedagogy, the teachers will learn how to empower their students to be “producers of knowledge” and not “consumers of knowledge.” The training series will guide the participants in the implementation of instructional approaches of tapping into the students’ culture and learning profile. In addition, teachers be given time to develop student-centered lessons and activities. Teachers will also understand how the principles of culturally responsive instruction can be an intrinsic motivator for students to empower the student to take on rigorous academic tasks.

The Teacher Academy learning outcomes:

  • Enhance pedagogical approach to engage diverse learners
  • Strategies and lessons that can be implemented immediately
  • Examine how culture impacts deep learning in all students
  • Learn and implement structured oral language strategies to increase academic conversation
  • Design culturally conscious lessons to increase student engagement
  • Transform mind-set to improve teacher and student efficacy
  • Connect academic and behavioral strategies to decrease school/classroom conflicts
  • Learn management strategies to increase collaborative group work
These four sessions will build upon one another, each one will be new, unique content. All sessions will run from 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM in the Board Room at the Central Office. Click the link to register for each individual session at PD Place. 

Saturday, March 3rd 
Saturday, March 17th
Saturday, April 14th
Saturday, TBD

We hope to see you there!

Friday, February 9, 2018

New PD Offerings on February 17th!

Be sure to check out PD Place to view and register for upcoming professional development opportunities as they are continuously updated. Professional Development opportunities happen throughout the week, but I wanted to highlight a few of the great things we have coming up on Saturday, February 17th. Click the link below to register and to see additional opportunities:

Using Benchmark Universe Resources And Online Assessments to Enhance Learning
This follow-up session is designed to help educators learn the Why, What, and How of Benchmark Universe. The session incorporates guided practice in site navigation, use of key features to promote technology-integrated instruction, and opportunities for interactive, engaging practice. Navigating the data interface and assessment reports is emphasized to build toward a data-driven model of instruction. Scoring constructed response items is included for educators of Grades 3–6. 

Participants attending this session will learn about:
  • Resources on Benchmark Universe that support lesson planning, delivery of instruction, student practice opportunities and online assessment;
  • Steps for creating e-book and online assessment assignments for students by class, group, and individuals;
  • Customization tools for Weekly Presentations and e-books that support literacy development and language acquisition;
  • Online assessment reports; score constructed responses (educators Grades 3–6).

Implementing Routines and Pacing That Support a Workshop Model
This session will highlight the resources available within BA to establish a workshop model. Teachers will discover lessons that offer strategies for developing a community of learners and managing whole-group, small-group, and independent time. A guided review of the program design will reinforce how BA supports the gradual release of responsibility to help move from mastery to transfer. 

Participants attending this session will learn about:
  • How program design supports a gradual release of responsibility
  • Establishing and maintaining classroom expectations 
  • Strategies to support management of a workshop model 
  • Characteristics of a workshop model
Narrative Writing with SpringBoard and the Common Core
Session three in this series of three Saturdays focuses on analyzing, understanding, and augmenting SpringBoard to achieve the expectations of both the CCSS and the CAASPP Performance Tasks with Informational Writing. Please bring your SpringBoard teacher’s edition and your laptop or device. Preferred audience will be 6-8 ELA teachers.