Tuesday, October 3, 2017

New SVMI Login Information

Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District is pleased to continue its partnership with the Silicon Valley Mathematics Initiative. As a member district, our teachers have access to a host of resources, including MARS tasks, to support standards based mathematics instruction.

The Silicon Valley Mathematics Initiative maintains a policy on the use of the Balance Assessment/MARS assessment materials. All participating districts agree to adhere to all provision of the Security and Ownership Policy of Copyright Materials licensed to or owned by the Silicon Valley Mathematics Initiative. Please review the Security and Ownership Policy of the Copyrighted Materials below before accessing or using the materials in your classroom.

The SVMI website URL is: www.svmimac.org. What you are most interested in will be the MEMBER RESOURCES page (see tab on home page). Once you click on MARS tab, a dialog box will appear. It will request a username and password. Please contact Melissa Farrar at melissaf@fsusd.org using your FSUSD district email to get the login information.

Security and Ownership Policy of the Copyrighted Materials 

The SVMI’s Mathematics Assessment Collaborative Performance Exams for grades/courses, kindergarten through course three (Algebra 2) are copyright protected or use in SVMI’s Mathematics Assessment Collaborative. Balance Assessment owns the copyright for all Mathematics Assessment Resource Service (MARS) tasks. All tasks are designated secure. Educators are entrusted to maintain the security of the exams under the following conditions.

  1. No BAM/MARS/MAC performance assessment task, test or materials may be used for educational purposes or administered to students without a membership with SVMI.
  2. The performance tasks, exams, rubrics, and calibration papers may not be made public, other than by the owners of the copyright or a contracted license.
  3. With authorization, the student task/exam papers and test instructions may be used and shared with instructional staff and educators for teaching and/or assessment purposes.
  4. If MARS task is used for an assessment, all student papers, exams and assessment materials must be collected and accounted for after assessment sessions.
  5. The actual student exam papers may not be passed on to another school district or become property of the student. No task may be sent home with students. Parent may view their student’s assessment in a conference setting with a representative of the school system. No student exam paper or copy of the performance exam may be given to a parent or sent home, except for exams papers from years 2002-2009.
  6. The educational institution is responsible for the security of the performance exams, assessment materials and all student exam papers.

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