Thursday, January 25, 2018

Upcoming Professional Development

Be sure to check out PD Place to view and register for upcoming professional development opportunities as they are continuously updated. Professional Development opportunities happen throughout the week, but I wanted to highlight a few of the great things we have coming up on Saturday, February 3rd. Click the link below to register and to see additional opportunities:

Session two in this series of three Saturdays focuses on analyzing, understanding, and augmenting SpringBoard to achieve the expectations of both the CCSS and the CAASPP Performance Tasks with Informational Writing. Please bring your SpringBoard teacher’s edition and your laptop or device. Preferred audience will be 6-8 ELA teachers.

This session will focus on scaffolding instruction so that all students can be successful during the core reading block as well as examining intervention resources included with the program. Teachers will learn how the program design is intended to scaffold student learning throughout the course of the year through the gradual release of responsibility. Core program supports, such as strategies to meet the needs of various learners along with small-group reading resources will be explored. In addition, intervention resources that support student mastery of foundational reading skills will also be highlighted.

Participants attending this session will learn about: 
  • How the program design supports a gradual release of responsibility 
  • Strategies and supports for striving readers including special education students 
  • Core program and supplementary resources to scaffold and differentiate instruction for all 
  • Assessment resources to support instructional decision making
This follow-up session is designed to assist teachers with using small-group resources to support differentiated practice and application. Specifically, the session will focus on the Benchmark Advance/Adelante resources to support small-group reading instruction along with guidance on understanding how to use the lesson structure.

Participants attending this session will learn about: 
  • Purpose and process of small-group reading instruction 
  • Effective preparation for small-group lesson planning 
  • Instructional decision making

Current Buy Back Information
For the 2017-2018 school year, all teachers (including those with less than 100% teaching assignments) are contractually allowed to earn up to two days of per diem pay for attending approved professional development. You can find all the forms you need to submit for Buy Back on the Professional Development Forms Page. Once you have submitted all of your forms for Buy Back, you may submit additional hours to Human Resources for Salary Credit.

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  1. Wow! That's a good news for students that they have Professional Development opportunities. In additional you guys are providing Scaffold learning and Special education that will be very beneficial. I would to share this information with students.